Yamaha P125 Digital Piano, Black

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What are Yamaha P-Series Digital Pianos?

The P-Series of Yamaha pianos have been made to give you exceptional value for money while giving you access to some of Yamaha's world famous high end sounds and technology. They've got stylish looks, unrivalled playability at the price point and beautiful piano sounds. Other models in the range include the best selling P-45 and the P255. If you're a beginner or a parent looking for a digital piano for your budding musician, the P-Series is a fine range to choose from.

What is the Smart Pianist APP?

The Smart Pianist app lets you take control of many of the P-125's on board functions via a smart device. For example, you could set your iPad on the music rest and use it to select voice, rhythms and other Yamaha technology all on screen. There's chord recognition when playing back audio from your device and a host of other capabilities.

What rhythm types are included?

The Yamaha P-125 features on board accompaniments to help you keep time and practice playing along with rhythms. From rock to swing and everything in between, these tools can help to improve your playing abilities in a short space of time.

Pure CF Sound Engine

The Pure CF Sound Engine has been developed over numerous years to take into account over a century of work developing the acoustic piano sounds. Using state-of-the-art technology the Yamaha CFIIIS 9' Grand Piano has recorded and reproduced for the digital pianos. The Graded Hammer Standard (GHS) 88-key keyboard replicates an acoustic piano so you have a heavier touch in the bass and a lighter touch at the high end.

Authentic Piano Performance Space

An improved 2-way speaker system creates an expansive sound both upwards and downwards allowing you to hear a rich sound to mimic sitting in front of an acoustic piano.

Table EQ

The newly developed Table EQ allows you to maintain the best acoustics, even whilst playing on a hard surface to get the best sound possible.

Backing Tracks

The on-board bass and drum tracks are there to support your playing. Theres a wide range of different tracks to cover a variety of different genres - rock, ballads, jazz and Christmas to name a few. These sounds can add to your practice or as a virtual drummer.

Smart Pianist App

A host of features can be controlled via the Smart Pianist App such as voices and rhythms. Your favourute settings can also be save to easily recall at a later date. Another function allows you to discover the chords used in audio tracks in your iPhone or iPad instantly.

Sophisticated Design

Whilst being designed, the user was priority. Every element has been designed to help keep the player focused on their playing. The minimal light reflection on the surface of the piano and the understated speaker design help to keep the player focused.

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