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Current Opportunities

Hogan Music is a thriving independent music service that provides lessons in and out of schools to children, young people and adults as well as supplying instruments to the musical community across the UK.

As specialists in contemporary music, we are looking for new teachers to join our growing team:

Piano/Keyboard Tutor for ongoing growth View & Apply
Guitar Tutors (Acoustic, Electric & Bass) for ongoing growth View & Apply
Ukulele Tutors for ongoing growth View & Apply
Vocal Tutors for ongoing growth View & Apply
Sax/Clarinet Tutor (cover teaching) View & Apply

Work with Hogan Music

We believe in making music fun, enjoyable and accessible. We want our students to walk away from their lessons inspired to keep picking up their instruments every day, already excited about their next lesson before they've left the room! That's why we keep our lessons fresh, relevant and student focussed.

We are looking for teachers who share the same outlook as us - musicians who can make learning exciting - who can bring passion and real life musical experience into lessons.

If you're a specialist in any of the instruments listed above (or any others too!), we'd love to hear from you. We'd be particularly interested to hear from musicians who are multi-instrumentalists.

We have a variety of options of how you can work with Hogan Music and we will tailor our agreements/contracts to suit successful applicants.

If you are interested in immediate teaching or would be interested in teaching in the future, please take a read of the teaching roles and complete our online application form.

Do What You Do Best

We want you to have the biggest impact possible; that means keeping your time away from admin! That's why we take care of all the finances, paper work and 'boring' jobs - so you can keep doing what you do best - inspiring students! The two things we ask for is that you tell us which students came to their lessons and who didn't, and make sure that students and parents know how well they're doing. And we'll look after the rest, whether that's rearranging your lessons, invoicing students, sorting a new instrument, dealing with a student who can't make their lesson etc. it's all done for you!

We have efficient system in place to help make sure you know who you're teaching when, while our dedicated team keep the admin cogs well oiled!

About Our Teaching

Hogan Music's teaching is broken down into two areas: in school teaching and out of school teaching. In school we teach individual and small group lessons (groups of three students) with each lesson lasting 30 minutes. In secondary schools we have recently launched Plug+Play which has been specifically designed to join specialist instruments skills sessions with band coaching - getting students playing in bands form the very start.

Our out of schools teaching provides in-person and online lessons for children, young people and adults. Currently, we only teach individual lessons out of school. Evenings and weekends are the most popular time for lessons as this is when most children and adults are available.

As well as offering weekly lessons, there are also opportunities to work on courses and workshops over weekends and school holiday periods.

About Hogan Music

Hogan Music is in a really exciting position as our teaching continues to grow from strength to strength. As well as teaching in a number of primary and secondary schools, Hogan Music also has its’ own specialist teaching centre in Newbury, West Berkshire. Each month, our 20+ teachers deliver lessons to over 430 students and that is poised to double in the next year.

More Information

If you would like to arrange an informal conversation about any of these roles or if you play another instrument and are interested in working with Hogan Music, please contact Steve Christmas on steve@hoganmusic.co.uk.

Piano/Keyboard Tutor

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Guitar Tutors

(Acoustic, Electric and Bass) for future growth

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Ukulele Tutors

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Vocal Tutors

for future growth

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Sax/Clarinet Tutor

(cover teaching)

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