Takamine Nex GX18CE Guitar, Natural Satin

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Takamine have been expert craftsmen when it comes to building top quality guitars for over half a century. Each instrument is masterfully made with close attention to detail, but are sold at an affordable price so that any guitarist of any proficiency level can take advantage. Furthermore, as it is a three-quarter size guitar, smaller guitarists will find it easy to adapt to plus it makes it really easy to travel with. Don’t be put off by the size though as the Takamine GX18CE still has a big voice.


The GX18CE is best described as a petite size scaled-down jumbo as it is a three-quarter size guitar with the iconic Takamine NEX body frame. It not only looks the part but feels it too, with its curvaceous shape it is simple to adapt to but easy to fall in love with. The NEX shape of the Takamine GX18CE combined with the tonewood contributes to an all-round tonality with plenty of volume making this model ready for the stage or recording studio.


Takamine’s attention to detail is evident in their choice of tonewoods for the GX18CE. A solid spruce body top works with the mahogany body to project a clear, bright sound with a warm, sweet resonance with every note. It’s also worth noting that solid spruce is a tonewood that gets better and better with age so it will always retain an impressive acoustic timbre.

Mahogany has been employed to construct the neck, back and sides of the GX18CE. This is a dense tonewood which has a light feel and the ability to produce a spectrum of rich balanced tones with a dynamic response.

A sumptuous mahogany neck is firmly joined to the body and has a comfortable playing feel. Aboard the neck is a 21-fret rosewood fingerboard decorated with dot position inlays as your guide so you can slide up and down the frets with confidence.


The GX18CE is decked out with the TP4T preamp system which offers great onboard technology. The preamp includes a built-in tuner, EQ with bass, middle and treble frequency controls and a gain knob. There is also a handy low battery indicator to make sure you know when to switch off. Although the GX18CE is three quarters the size of a full guitar, it still offers a huge acoustic sound all thanks to this great preamp system.

The built-in tuner also offers reassurance any time you need to retune your guitar as it ensures accurate tuning every time.

The Takamine GX18CE is a stunning, three-quarter size electro acoustic guitar that is qualified for use either at home, in the studio or on stage.