Takamine Nex Cutaway GN20CE Guitar, Natural

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The Takamine GN20CE-NS Electro Acoustic Guitar in a Natural Satin finish is comparable to a Jumbo guitar in a scaled down format which performs greatly whether it is amped up or unplugged. For over 50 years Takamine have been designing consistently high quality guitars which are reasonably priced so that any guitarist can take advantage.

NEX Body Shape

The Takamine GN20CE-NS Electro Acoustic Guitar is similar to a NEX shape jumbo guitar but is scaled down so it feels comfortable to play whilst not compromising on the features of a full jumbo. The NEX body shape has a delicately balanced tone for a beautifully bright sound and is additionally suitable for fingerstyle players thanks to its quiet yet dark tones. The NEX body style is easy to adapt to and is comfortable to play even for smaller guitarists.

Magnificent Tonewoods

Takamine have constructed the GN20CE-NS model using a mixture of mahogany wood and rosewood to project a detailed, warm sound. The mahogany neck, back and sides makes this model feel lighter and it is known to give a quick response. Mahogany gives a rich and warm tone with an articulate sounding mid-range and a clear top end.

The soundboard is made with solid cedar wood which is a frequently used type of tone wood for guitar body tops. Cedar wood provides an open, warm sound with lots of overtones. It can take time for a cedar wood top guitar to reach its full tonality due to it being a less dense material, as such, the longer you have it for the better it will sound.

Takamine TP-4TD Preamp

The Takamine GN20CE-NS is decked out with the TP-4TD preamp system which combines a built-in tuner, volume and tone controls so that you can modify your output and signal depending on your playing needs. This preamp system is perfectly suitable for when you are live on stage or recording in the studio.

The built-in tuner on the TP-4TD system helps you to retune your strings wherever you are with no fuss, so rest assured you will always have an accurate sound, just plug it in and away you go. The tuner takes a firm hold of each guitar string to give the perfect note every time.

Hardware & Finish:

A notable feature on the GN20CE-NS is the split saddle bridge which builds a strong connection between the strings and the guitar body. Combined with the solid cedar soundboard, this vastly improves acoustic sustain and tonality.

The satin finish slim guitar neck is a joy to slide along from one note to the next. The single cutaway in the body allows you to easily reach the upper frets for those higher notes. The GN20CE-NS offers top-notch playability for any guitarist of any level.

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