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At Hogan Music, we are always keen to ensure that everyone finds the instrument that best suits their needs. Sometimes buying your ideal instrument can be a tricky business, especially when you factor in your budget. Because of all this, we like always to have a rich and exciting collection of discount musical instruments and accessories here in stock. At any one time, you will be able to take a look through this page and have wonderful musical instrument offers on what could be your new favourite. It could be ex-display models, special offers, sales, or clearance items availble at great prices!

Discount Guitars

One of the instruments that we tend to have some good deals on is the guitar. When it come to our musical instrument offers, we like to give our guitarists a little helping hand! Take a look through this collection of discount guitars and you will see that we have acoustic guitars, bass guitars, and of course electric guitars.

Sale Cymbals & Drum Kit Accessories

There is also a good collection of deals to be found for those drummers out there. Whether you are looking for a replacement set of pedals, looking to expand you cymbal setup, or simply wanting to have a browse for any special deals out there, we would highly recommend you have a dig in our drum and percussion sale.

Deals on Brass & Woodwind Instruments

There are lots of great cut price deals to be found in our brass sales and the woodwind sale instruments, such as clarinets, trumpets and indeed saxophones. If you are getting your first instrument, this would be a good place to turn to. On the other hand, it would always be worth checking in you were a more experienced player too - you never know what might pop up!

String Instrument Offers

String instruments can often be expensive, but those that you find in this sale string instrument collection will have had their prices cut meaning that you might just be surprised how affordable they are. From violins all the way up to cellos, this will be a good place to come if you are after a good deal. On top of that, you will also find that we often have great deals on bows too!

Bargain Pianos & Keyboards

Lord knows that pianos can often cost a few bob! With the discount pianos that you might find here, you may be given a helping nudge towards being able to get your hands on your perfect set of keys. There will also often be keyboards here too - we like to have deals going for all kinds of musicians and players to benefit from!

Sale Musical Accessories

As well as all these discount musical instruments, you will also find that there are often lots of accessories being sold here with some fantastic prices. Think everything from bargain amps and effects to deals on live recording and PA equipment tp piano bags and beyond.

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