Pro Audio Equipment

We are happy to be able to present such a wide ranging and exciting collection of high quality pro audio equipment and accessories. If you are after reliability, effectiveness and practicality in your home recording equipment, or for playing out live, this will be the collection for you. We know that the equipment really can make a big difference - that is why we have in store what we consider to be the some of the leading pieces of kit on the market.


What you are after in a microphone is an even tonal response, clarity and projection. This is what you will get with our selection on microphones available from some of the world's best brands such as Sennheiser. We have a range of different kinds of microphones which includes dynamic, wireless vocal sets and condenser microphones.


For home recording, it is not just about being able to listen to your music through big speakers. This will especially be the case if you have some neighbours listening in! This is where a good quality set of headphones from the likes of Yamaha, Roland or Sennheiser comes in handy. The great thing about the headphones that we have here is that they offer accurate sound. This means it has not been coloured in any way, so you will be hearing a clear and precise version of what you are playing, just as would be the case with some speakers.

PA Speakers, Amps, Mixers

But when you do want to play your music out loud, then you will want some quality PA speakers, amps and mixers to get the best sound. We have a great selection of Pro Audio speakers and systems which offer so much exciting technology for you to play around with, and all without being overly heavy. This means you can hit the road and bring your sound with you! We also have come hefty amps that will be sure to pack a punch whilst offering super high resolution sound. There are also some mixers for you to choose from which will be able to ensure you can make the most of your sound.

Pro Audio Accessories

On top of all that, you will also be able to see that there are some super handy pro audio accessories in this collection. It is always useful to have some spares ready to go, even before things need replacing. That is why we have included in our Pro Audio range some reliable and well-built replacements and extras such as cables, adapters and mic clips.

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