Pre Owned Instruments

One way of getting your hands on some superb quality instruments for a fraction of the price is by exploring the world of pre owned instruments for sale. It is sometimes the case that instruments don't end up being used for their full life-span. But this does have a positive side to it, as it means many top quality used instruments in good condition find their way onto the market for you to purchase! At Hogan Music, we have a wide range of all sorts of second-hand instruments for you to explore.

To ensure that you are happy with the quality of the pre owned instrument which you are looking to buy, we encourage you to visit our store in Newbury. We will set you up to have a go in one of our practice rooms, so that you can check out the performance for yourself before you buy.

Pre Owned Guitars

We tend to have a good collection of pre-owned guitars. Choose from a range of second hand bass guitars, classical guitars, electric guitars and acoustic guitars. If you are shopping for your new musical addition on a budget, this would be a great place to check out.

Pre Owned Pianos & Keyboards

There are usually some excellent pre-owned and pre-loved pianos and keyboards here. New keyboards and digital pianos can be very expensive, but it is amazing how you will find such fantastic deals with models that have been previously used. They will still be running perfectly well, giving you an opportunity to pick up an exciting piece of kit for a super low price.

Pre Owned Percussion

If you are a drummer or percussionist and you are looking to purchase some new additions to your setup, we would thoroughly recommend taking a look at our range of pre-used percussion instruments. You might just find that there are some items in our pre-owned stock that you have been looking for - or that you didn't know you needed until right about now!

Pre Owned String Instruments

At Hogan Music, there is also usually an array of pre-owned string instruments. We often have some beautifully crafted instruments, including violins, accordions and even harps! If you or your son or daughter is starting to learn to play a string instrument, this could be the perfect opportunity to purchase a good quality instrument without having to spend huge amounts. There are often many sizes of violins in our stocks, from full size down to 1/8 size, so you should find the model for your requirements. We have all the pre-owned string instruments checked over by our experienced luthier and staff, who confirm that the instruments still plays well.

Pre Owned Woodwind

There are a selection of second-hand woodwind instruments to be had too. Clarinets, recorders, flutes and saxophones can all be found in our range of pre-owned woodwind instruments. All the used woodwind that we have in stock is checked by our in house woodwind technician - but we also invite you to come over to Newbury and check out the instrument you are interested in too if you wish!

Pre Owned Brass

With trumpets, french horns, as well as trombones in our pre-owned brass stock, we invite you to explore this treasure chest of musical excellence! Our brass technician gives these instruments a thorough check to ensure that they play well. You get to experience the joys of a brass instrument in tip top condition, but for some unbelievably good prices!

Pre Owned Amps & Effects

The pre-owned market should not only be explored and exploited for its gems in terms of instruments, but also in terms of amps and effects kits and accessories! We are usually lucky enough to receive some absolute crackers to be re-sold, so do check out all that we have to offer. Whether you are buying your first pedal, or building up your collection, the second hand amps and effects market remains just as useful!

Pre Owned Pro Audio

This goes for our collection of pre-owned pro audio too. For whatever reason, some people have to let their pieces of pro-audio equipment go. Whether they are no longer playing live and recording, or they have moved place and no longer have enough space, sometimes some prime pieces of kit need to be let go. Make sure they find a loving home by picking them up yourself!

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