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We think that finding the right piano or keyboard is an important thing for a musician of any level. Those keys are going to become your good friend over the years. Whether it is a digital piano that you want to get for practice purposes, or an acoustic that you want to get as a family piano, making sure you explore all the available options is crucial. This is why at Hogan Music we always make certain that we offer an excellent collection of different acoustic pianos, digital keyboards and portable keyboards for sale. Explore this collection and you will be able to get a sense of what some of the best brands in the world have to offer when it comes to that most iconic of instruments.

Acoustic Pianos

It all starts with the acoustic piano, really. No matter what instrument the professional musician might end up playing, they will most likely have an affinity with the piano, so central is it to so many genres and eras of music. The sound, the look, the feel of an acoustic piano gives the player something which can rarely be replicated. Here at Hogan Music, we have selected some fantastic acoustic pianos for sale that have been finely crafted so that they are just as much a pleasure to the eyes as they are to the ears and the fingers once you sit down and get going.

Digital Pianos

One of the most exciting advances in the world of digital instruments no doubt to be found in digital pianos. Lightweight, affordable, and packed with all sorts of added sounds and features, digital pianos are able to give you something which ticks all the boxes. The level of craftsmanship that goes purely into the feel of the keyboard action too means that you will not be missing out on that kind of magic dynamism which the piano in all its glory should give its player. Take a look through our range of superb digital pianos.


If you are a creative musician or a performer on the go, then you may want to consider looking into purchasing a keyboard. They are easy to move about, and can offer quite the musical punch. With keyboards for sale that offer a wide range of synthesizer options as well as many other beautiful voices and sounds, these can be your doorway into a new and exciting realm of sonic exploration.


On top of all the keyboards and pianos, we also have a useful collection of accessories and extras. This is all the stuff that can be the unsung heroes, but which you need for your day to day playing. With stands, pedals, benches and much else besides, you will find that this collection comes in super handy if you are looking to get the most out of your instrument. All of these items have been made so as to be as reliable as possible, adding to the instrument itself to heighten its performance capabilities substantially, whether you are playing at home or performing live.

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