Orchestral Instruments

If you are looking for some high quality orchestral instruments, you might want to have a browse through this excellent collection of top of the range woodwind, brass, strings, and more. We strive to bring you instruments which we think have been crafted with utmost skill and are high performing and long lasting. Explore our range of instruments in this orchestral collection and find the right instrument for you, whether you are a student or an expert.


There are lots of beautifully crafted woodwind instruments to behold in this collection such as saxophones, clarinets and flutes. Woodwind instruments are a central part of so many orchestral pieces for good reason. They are able to produce rich and characterful sounds, beautiful to hear and beautiful to play. Woodwinds would have originally been made from wood, hence the name, however nowadays they can be made from a range of materials.


Brass instruments, using slides, valves, crooks and vibrations, are able to offer a crisp sound that is beautiful in texture and tone. So called originally because of the metal that the instruments were made out of, brass instruments now do not necessarily have to be made out of brass. Here in our collection we have the most modern and traditional designs. Our range includes cornets, horns, trombones and trumpets.


We also have plenty of string instruments available in our collections, including cellos, violas and violins. String instruments have an ancient history but it was in the renaissance period that their designs were refined so that, for example, the violins that we love today came into being. If you want to get your hands on some high end string instruments or some good quality beginner instruments, there should be a model here for you.

Other Instruments

There are also lots of other orchestral instruments here for you to explore, including harmonicas, as well as some wonderful recorders and even melodicas. If you need some smaller fun instruments which are perfect for if you are learning for the first time, then these might be of interest. The harmonicas and recorders especially are a great first instrument to get for someone younger. The melodicas also offer a lively prospect for any pianists who want something which can offer a mixture of keys and wind instruments.


For those who are conductors and who would like to purchase a finely crafted, long lasting and beautiful baton, then do take a look through our collection. These batons will be effective for both students and professionals alike. Gorgeous sticks which will retain their glorious appearance, all the batons here have been expertly developed for quality performance.


On top of all that, should you be looking for some added accessories, Hogan Music have you covered too. From cleaning swabs to straps, stands, reeds, bows and beyond, there is an excellent array of all sorts of high quality accessories. Take a look through this collection of brass and woodwind accessories or the range of strings accessories and you will be able to pick up handy additions for your orchestral instrument. These are just as well crafted as the instruments themselves, and you will find that they will act as useful and reliable essentials.

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