Here at Hogan Music we are always excited to do help you get your hands on the ideal guitar for your requirements. When you think about all the different kinds of guitars there are in the guitar family, from acoustics to bass to classical to electric and beyond, it has to be said that this fundamental breed of instrument truly does span genres as well as eras. Dig into our collection and unearth some exciting models which might be your route to guitar heaven!

Acoustic Guitars

The acoustic guitar is something that is often an important part of any guitarist's life, right from learning the basics all the way up to becoming an expert. Projecting the sound of its vibrating strings acoustically through the air, these guitars can be powerful but also intimate in their sound. The texture and tone colour which can be brought out of an acoustic makes it an asset in so many live situations, as well as meaning it can be the bedrock of many hours of guitar practice. If you are looking to purchase an excellent guitar for your budget, then take a look through our fantastic acoustic guitar range.

Electric Guitars

What would we do without the electric guitar? With a history that can be traced through so many musical revolutions of the 20th century, the electric guitar has been at the centre of a good few cultural awakenings. It is easy to see why! Today, as it was back in the day, electric guitar designs showcase what is at the forefront of guitar technology in general. You can still go for many electric guitars within our collection that boast those iconic looks which have lasted through the ages. However, you will find that the kinds of electric guitars for sale here will give you the playability as well as power that is the reserve of the present day.

Bass Guitars

They say the heart of any band lies in the drums and the bass, and this is true. To get that heart beating, and to get the rhythms pumping around the whole band, you need drums and bass to be laying down the law. The bass guitar typically has four strings that can provide those thundering low notes whilst also add their own colour to the mix when you play higher up the fret. To let those basslines really hit, with all the depth and all the bounce that you could want, you will need an instrument that can do the job. The bass guitars that we have within our collection will help you set the pace.

Classical Guitars

As we said above, the world of guitars certainly is a broad church, and we think that the world of music is all the better for it. If you are a classical guitarist, or indeed are learning and are therefore on your way to becoming one, we recommend you taking a look at the beautifully crafted selection of classical guitars for sale in our collection. Classical guitars are the precursors to electric and even acoustic guitars, with nylon or gut strings instead of metal strings, a difference which gives them a unique tone. These guitars offer a level of warmth, of colour and of the kind of precision which sets the sound of this instrument apart.

Folk Instruments & More

You will also find that we have a great range of all sorts of other instruments too, because it is not all about the electric or bass guitars. Oh no, if you think that, then you are forgetting about ukuleles and other folk instruments. Those which are the cousins of the acoustic guitar but which have their own song to sing! The ukulele dates back to the 19th century and the sweet plucking or strumming sound that this miniature style of guitar can offer never fails to please. Take a look through the range of guitar instruments and you might also find some gorgeously made banjos, which are a must for anyone who is a fan of country music and other folk music styles.

Guitar Accessories

We also have plenty of guitar accessories for you to explore as well as accessories for ukuleles or other folk instruments. Whether you are after tuners, stands, pickups, strings, straps or more, you will be able to find what you are after here in this wide array of reliable and high quality guitar accessories.

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