Folk Instruments

We are proud of the range of instruments we bring together at Hogan Music - there really is something for everyone. Right here, for example, we have some superb folk instruments for sale. Folk instruments have their roots with the people. They often have old roots indeed, though they generally have no known inventors. They have been related to families of instruments, with the folk instruments we know today being the ones which became most popular. Folk instruments will come from all across the globe, with each culture having their own equivalents. They always have that lovely feeling of history to them, with their lifeblood going back to the heart and soul of the common people.


The mandolin is closely related to the lute, and it in fact developed out of the lute in its origins. During the 17th and 18th centuries, there were similar other instruments such as the gittern and mandore or mandola in Italy, and these then fed into what we now know as the mandolin. We have some exquisite examples of the mandolin folk string instrument here for you to enjoy!


A banjo is a fabulous folk instrument that often has a characteristic circular body with a thin membrane stretched over the frame - like a tambourine. Banjos can have either 4, 5 or 6 strings although the standard is usually 5 strings. It has thought to have evolved in North America from a traditional African instrument and has become a recognisable piece in U.S. folk music. It is used across a range of folk music and has even featured in rock music. See our latest range of banjos here.


The flageolet is a woodwind instrument that has been with us for around 400 years (By saying 'it has been with us', we don't mean literally with Hogan Music). Its popularity over the years sadly has not remained where it was back in the day. But we are pleased to be able to present some here in this collection. They would also be great for kids who are just learning to experience the joys of playing musical instruments.

Folk Instrument Accessories

We do not only have the instruments themselves here, but also some high quality folk instrument accessories. Among this collection for example you will see that there are bags and strings for banjos. It is always worth having some spare strings handy just in case, so it is worth stocking up even if your strings seem to be fine at the moment. As for the bags, these have been made in a strong and sturdy fashion, so that your beloved instrument can be transported safe and sound!

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