Classical Guitars

Explore our selection of excellent classical guitars. There is seldom a more warm, rich, colourful and vibrant sound than that of the classical guitar, as its tuneful melodies reverberate through the air. We have chosen classical guitars that bring together a variety of options for players of different levels of experience and for different budgets. From student or entry level instruments at affordable prices, to handcrafted guitars perhaps for a more experienced player.

Quality Range

Here at Hogan Music we are music instrument lovers too, and this means that we get as much of a kick out of seeing other enthusiasts pick up the instrument that suits them perfectly, as we do finding our own ideal classical guitar. For this reason, we have choosen a range of quality instruments from brands such as Admira and Jose Ferrer, that cater for lots of different kinds of passionate players.

Variety of Classical Guitars

Here for example, you will find classical guitars of different sizes, as well as some options that will suit those guitarists who are looking for guitars within different kinds of price brackets. What you can be assured of is the quality of the designs. These are classical guitars that will give you a full range of playing possibilities, with plenty of crispness in the tone, and an easy-to-manoeuvre shape and body.

Here to Help

Take a look through the range here to get a sense of the kinds of classical guitars which we have in stock, but do also feel free to give us a ring on 01635 378 68 if you have any questions in mind. We'll be able to give you the ins and outs, as well as friendly advice. Or we can arrange for you to come on over and take a look at it up close and personal if you want to!

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