Bass Guitars

If you are a budding musician looking to get your hands on an inspiring new instrument, a professional hoping to add a bass or two to your collection, or indeed a bass player of any level in between, then you will be sure to find something exciting in our collection of bass guitars.

Top Brands For Bass Guitars

With a selection that includes bass guitars made by the likes of Yamaha, Sigma and Tanglewood, you will be in safe hands. A bass guitar is an instrument which is as powerful as it can be delicate, and this is reflected not only in their sound as in their appearance, which is sleek, sturdy and striking.

Electric Bass Guitars

We have some superb electric bass guitars on offer here in our collection. The electric bass guitar is the backbone of so many iconic classics in a variety of musical genres, and this selection of electric bass guitars will give you some stunning options so that you can be laying down some driving bass lines in no time.

Acoustic Bass Guitars

But it’s not just electric bass guitars that we can offer, as we also have some fantastic acoustic bass guitars. Acoustic bass guitars blend the beautifully deep frequencies of the electric bass guitar with the more natural, softer textures of the acoustic guitar. These act as a perfect addition to any acoustic ensemble, when a touch of something deeper can really ground the performance whilst not overwhelming the other acoustic instruments.

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