At Hogan Music we can't get enough of all things percussion based. When it comes to the drums, we want you to be able to find what you are looking for, no matter whether it is big or small. From accessories to full kits, we have a fantastic selection of drums for sale. Take a look through the collection and you will see the very best names in the business. We have in stock drums, cymbals, sticks and accessories for people of all different levels and for a range of budgets!

Electronic Drums

Gone are the days when you need to purchase a full sized acoustic kit to be given a rewarding playing experience. The electronic drum kit is now here to give you so much in such a light and mobile package. As well as being able to play with finely and carefully sampled acoustic drum sounds, you will also be able to experiment with lots of different sounds and play along to backing tracks.

Snare Drums

If you are after acoustic drums though, then we have some top quality snare drums for sale. The snare drum, because of the multiple parts to its design, is a piece of kit that you need to get right. It gives every rhythm its bite, cutting through with a sharp and crisp punch. Take a look at the snare drums at Hogan Music from the likes of superb brands such as Mapax.

Drum Hardware

A drum kit requires a lot of mechanics, and this is where the hardware comes in. It is not just about the snares and the cymbals and the toms themselves. You also need to make sure you have effective pedals, hi-hat clutches, boom arms, clamps and stands. We have all this and more for you to explore. These are the nuts and bolts that keep the whole operation going, so it is always crucial to have reliable, sturdy and easy to operate pieces of drum hardware for your kit.


We have a great collection of cymbals at Hogan Music too. Whether you are after rides, crashes, chinas, splashes, hi hats or more, you should be able to find the ones for you in our range. We always have in stock cymbals from some of the leading producers in the world such as Zildjian, Paiste and Sabian.


If you get a lot of playing time in, then you are going to need some replacement drum skins too. Even if the skins you have seem to be in decent condition, it is worth having some spares ready to go so that you don't get caught out. From 8 inch to 18 inch, we have a wide range of skins here for you to choose from, with options from leading brands like Evans and Remo. There are also kick drum batter heads - these do take quite a beating so it's always worth switching them up now and then.

Sticks, Brushes & Beaters

None of it would happen without the sticks, brushes and beaters! We have sticks here from the best in the business such as Promark and Vic Firth. With sticks, as with skins, it is useful to have some spares ready to go in case one breaks or chips. To lower the volume and add some different textures, you might also want to throw in some brushes to the mix. These are great for different styles of music such as jazz. We also have great quality bass drum beaters too.

Drum Accessories

For any player of the drums, there are many little extras that go along with playing the drums. These are the drum accessories which are sometimes unsung heroes, but are always important. This includes such items as grip aids, ear protection, practice pads, bags and metronomes - all of which and more you can find here at Hogan Music.

Other Percussion Instruments

As well as the drums, let's not forget about the other percussion instruments such as bongos, cajons and djembes. These work great in an acoustic live environment guitars and other instruments. They are also fun to throw into the mix if you like recording your own music and want to add some fresh layers to your rhythm tracks.

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