Drum Skins / Heads

If you are a drummer, then you will know the importance of getting the right drum heads / skins. These are going to need to be there to take some pummeling, and, after all, they are going to be the key to the transformation of this percussive action into sound. We have brought together some of the best drum heads that you might wish to find, produced by such top names as Evans and Remo.

Drum Head Thickness / Ply

Although drum heads used to be made out of animal skins, hence they are still sometimes referred to as drum skins, they are now rather made out of plastics. You will want to think about the thickness of the drum heads that you are choosing to play with. Single ply drum heads are great for lighter playing, such as can be found in jazz styles. For the louder styles, such as metal, for example, double ply is usually called upon.

Drum Head Sizes

Of course, it is not just the ranges of thickness that you need to consider. You also need to think about the size of the drum itself that the skin will be used on. You will see that there is a wide range of different sizes here for you choose from. We have everything from 8 inch to 24 inch, from heads for the smallest toms to those designed for the kick drum. These drum heads will be highly reliable and long lasting, having been finely crafted to an excellent standard.

Finding the Ideal Drum Skin

When selecting your drum skin of choice, there is also the matter of choosing between coated heads and non-coated heads. When you coat the head, there will be slightly less reverberation, and so the sound produced will be a slightly more controlled, warmer sound. A non-coated head, on the other hand, will tend to produce a brighter sound which also has more attack. These are the kind of variations which you might consider, along with whether the head is resonant or perhaps pre-muffled. You might even want to pick up a few variants; experimentation may well be crucial in the process of finding that perfect sound.

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