Electronic Drums

Electronic drum kits in the present day are able to do so much in such light and compact packages. Electronic drum kits allow you to explore a wide range of sounds and styles. You can switch from a jazz kit to a heavy metal kit to hip hop and back, all with a few clicks of a button. Plus, the ability to record your playing and make use of connectivity with other devices mean that these are also great for practice and for creating music.

Entry Level Electric Drums

If you are looking for an entry level electric drum set which nevertheless offers an exciting array of sonic capabilities, then Carlsbro will be a good name to turn to. For a surprisingly affordable price, they offer your hundreds of sounds to play with, and lots of different styles of kits to switch between. Pre-loaded with many songs to play along to, they are also great for those who are learning.

Compact & Versatile Electric Drum Sets

Yamaha's electronic kits have been made for amazing performance and response. This means that you get that unbeatable feel which you would normally associate with an acoustic kit, but you can play in environments where an acoustic kit would be too big or loud. Plug in your headphones and listen to your playing in high definition sound. You can even play along to your favourite tracks, making practice all the more fun. There are Yamaha electronic kits here for experts as well as for beginners on a budget. Load up over 1000 of your own samples to add on to the already massive 400+ internally pre-loaded sounds. Plus, you can even edit the sounds with high level studio style effects, bringing the world of performance and production together.

Electronic Drum Kit Accessories

We do not just have in stock some excellent kits. We also tend to have lots of accessories from the likes of Roland. If you are after a high performance drum head for your snare, or you need a trigger module to expand your possibilities behind the kit, then you will be pleased with our collection. The trigger module from Roland which we have available is particularly exciting for live performance, allowing you to run samples along with your playing in sync, as well as bring in digital sounds at certain points in the song and then cut them off with ease. This can expand your electric drums, or add onto an acoustic set for hybrid performance.

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