Amps & Effects

Check out some of the amps and effects for sale that we have in our collection - these will be your ticket to no end of fun, whether jamming at home or playing out live. We take pride in the quality of the products that we have in our ranges. It is no different with these amps and effects. We know that, when it comes to sound, some top quality kit goes a long way. This is reflected in the level of technology that is here to be seen from the likes of Roland, Stagg, Bosh, Fender, Marshall and more.

Amps / Heads & Cabs

This collection of amps, heads and cabs is a real treasure chest for guitar heads. The likes of Blackstar, Fender and Boss offer you some pieces of kit which would no doubt give you that sound you dream of. Precision, balance, scope and responsiveness is what you will get. What we have done also is made sure that there are models here which would be perfect for the beginner, whilst there are also amps which would be ideal for the seasoned pro who gigs most days.


We don't just play the guitar with our hands. There's also a a lot that can be done with the feet, especially when playing live! This is where these useful and effective footswitches from the likes of Stagg and DarkGlass come in to play. They are designed to make it as easy as possible to bring in or kill a sound with the flick of a switch. These will enable you to operate your amps while you are playing, therefore opening up your live possibilities significantly.

Guitar Effects Pedals

In a similar vein, some guitar effects pedals are a must for a gigging guitarist. We have a wide and exciting range, with pedals here from such brands as Fuzzrocious, Mooer and Seymour Duncan. From fuzz to condenser to tremolo to overdrive to phaser, you will find all the classic effects pedals in this range. There are then also a few interesting ones which you may not have come across before such as the acoustic simulator pedal.

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