Roland JD-Xi Interactive Analog/Digital Crossover Synthesizer

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What happens if you Love the sound of Classic analogue, but appreciate that with modern innovations, the digital age does come with its perks! Roland have now combined the qualities of both in a hybrid synth that's powerful, compact and affordable.

Analogue & Digital Combined

The JD-Xi combines a true analogue synth engine, Roland's famous SuperNATURAL synth sounds and a range of creative tools into one fantastic little unit that you can pop under your arm and take with you. The age old debate of whether you should choose old school analogue or cutting edge digital when you can have the best of both worlds. This is done by a unique crossover sound engine.

On the Analogue side you can create warm, smooth response with rich and authentic lead and bass tones using a newly developed monophonic analog synth section, featuring saw, triangle and square waveforms with pulse-width oscillator, filter and sub-oscillator for low end power.

In contrast the Digital side offers clarity and versatility of modern synth design with 2 digital synth sections. Featuring the full sound of 128-voice polyphony and a wide range of top quality SuperNATURAL synth tones including pads, strings,electric piano,sound effects and many others, you're pretty spoiled for choice. And even if you did run out of sounds, Roland's Axial Library gives you even more sounds to download as and when you need them.

It's not just about the Sound Engines

Although the tones you get from the JD-Xi are pretty cool, there's so much more that you can do with them, thanks to the wide range of functions available. There's 4 simultaneous effects sections to shape your individual tones. What may start as a simple triangle wave can be completely transformed when you have processing like bit crusher, slicer and ring modulation to choose from combined with Dedicated Delay and reverb sections for some serious ambiance!

Or Maybe you could plug in the included sturdy gooseneck mic and really go crazy with the Vocoder and autopitch. There's even a cool Auto-Note function that allows you to forget the keyboard and just sing the notes you want the synth to play.

You also get some features to help develop your ideas into full demos. Set off a pro drumkit or rhythm loop to help you get into the groove, and then build up your song using the Four-track pattern sequencer. With this you get 4 separate tracks (2 digital synth parts, analog synth, and drums) to create loops. Whatever you find is the easiest and quickest way to create beats, you can use realtime or step sequence or even the special TR-Rec mode to input your music. There's even some preset beats to help you get your creative juices flowing.


Interactive crossover synthesizer with analog and digital sound engines

Analog synth section provides authentic lead and bass tones

Two digital synth sections with SuperNATURAL synth tones and 128-voice total polyphony

Four-track pattern sequencer and high-quality rhythm sounds

Included gooseneck mic for use with built-in Vocoder and AutoPitch

Process sounds with four simultaneous effects (Effect 1/2, Delay, Reverb)

USB for audio/MIDI communication with computer music software

Includes a large selection of ready-to-play sounds and patterns

Additional sounds and patterns available for download at Roland’s Axial sound library site

Optional Carry / Gig Bag - CBJDXI