Pre-owned S10 Stage One Pedal Steel Guitar Licensed by Zumsteel w/ D2F Cover

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Gerry Hogan:

This is the updated version of the guitar that I used to stock in the late 1980s and through the 1990s, until Bruce Zumsteg was too busy building his Zumsteel professional guitars and had no time to manufacture the Stage One. The new manufacturer, Doug Earnest, has made several excellent improvements (see features, listed). The tone and playability are as good as any pro steel I've played! It's termed a "student" guitar, purely because the copedant can't be altered easily (no bell-cranks, etc.). It comes with an Emmons set-up.

It is definitely a Pro steel guitar, but for a “student” steel guitar price!

(D2F cover included)


· Professional Grover Tuners

· 3 pedals, 4 knee levers

· Nashville 10 string E9 tuning

· Full-size aluminium string rollers

· Custom Humbucking pickup

· Coloured fretboard position markers

· Brushed finish aluminium neck

· Aluminium pedal rack, also brushed

· Adjustable, pro chromed legs

· Pedal / lever tuning wrenches

· Hardshell case

· A pretty good guarantee!

Read what Nashville session player, Michael Douchette posted on the Steel Guitar Forum, on 31 July 2010:

"Over the years, I've had a Franklin, several push-pull Emmons' and several Sho-Buds. (Living here in Nashville, that's kinda what was here). Hands down, the BEST recording guitar I've ever owned is my Zum Stage One. It has the best presence in a track over any of them; and for me, that is most important."

Put aside all preconceptions you may have about "student" guitars - this is a "pro" in all ways but one (see above)!

And, from a customer in Sweden, who plays a Fessenden D-10:

... soundwise, (the Stage One) is comparable to the Fessenden! It only weighs 18Kg, (the Fessenden weighs 35kg)! ... I am very pleased with my Stage One Pedal Steel Guitar and can recommend it to anyone, beginner or pro. It's a well-built, good-sounding, light-weight and good-looking pedal steel. - AE, Sweden.

And, from a customer in England, who played an Emmons LeGrande D-10 for 30 years:

... this is a grand little guitar - with a very good spec of 3 pedals and four levers. It takes a little getting used to size-wise after a twin neck - but it delivers the E9th goods! For a student guitar, the finish and quality are first-rate - adjustable legs, quality head, tuning pegs and rollers. Add to this a great pick-up with a tone to match. I'm really pleased! AP, East Anglia.

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