Pre-Owned Ovation Model 1769 Acoustic Guitar w/ Leather Strap

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Product Description

This fantastic instrument will easily satisfy any guitarist`s desire to own and play a expertly crafted guitar. Ovation are known for their round backs and thin necks which blend to create a guitar of superoir playability and feel.Their biggest innovation was the use of a thinner, synthetic back. Unfortunately, the seam joining the sides to the thin back was prone to breakage. To avoid the problem of a structurally unstable seam, the engineers proposed a synthetic back with a parabolic shape. The parabolic shape produced a desirable tone with greater volume than the conventional dreadnought.


The instrument has been checked over by our experienced Strings Technician who reported that mechanically the instrument is good and plays well. Aesthetically the instrument is in a decent condition with a small split and mark on the body alongside a slightly worn bridge; none of which affect the playability of the instrument. The instrument comes with a hardcase, a pick and a leather strap. Please inquire for further details.


If on initial inspection you are disappointed in any way, you may return it and receive a full refund within the first 14 days. You are most welcome to visit and test the instrument in our playing room prior to making a commitment.

We will offer the instrument with a full mechanical warranty for three months, as is standard with second hand instruments, but only a limited cosmetic warranty. The cosmetic warranty is limited to significant issues.

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