Pre-owned Marshall Shred Master Pedal (Inc Original box)

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This sadly discontinued stomper is truly one of the greats and deserves a re-issue! Despite being be out of production for a number of years, this unit has always enjoyed a rabid and enthusiastic following. Typical gain and output knobs handle distortion amounts while a treble, bass, and a contour knob take care of tonal duties. The Shredmaster was alway billed as a Marshall in a box, and while this is true at some settings, the scope and range of this pedal goes far beyond than that. Mellow settings recall the glory days of Bluesbreaker-era Clapton while extreme settings pull off Radiohead-like crunch. Split the difference and you'll hear shades of everything from singing sustain of Gary Moore to the valvey bite of My Bloody Valentine. The housing is thick and sturdy and the knobs are nice and tacky. We seen a few sticky switches on a few of these old Marshalls but we always brought them back to life with a little contact cleaner.