Laura Bellamy piano music teacher

Laura Bellamy

Music Teacher

Instruments Taught - Piano, Keyboard.

I started learning electronic keyboard at the age of 11, and then around 13 I started learning the piano. Right from an early age, I have always loved anything to do with music and you'll always find me with my nose in book about music history or engrossed in a music film - just look out for my trademark pink hair and leopard print!

After completing my music degree at Anglia Ruskin University in 2005, I started teaching at the age 23 and since then have enjoyed inspiring and nurturing students to take exams, perform or play just for fun. I always take care to inspire and educate my pupils and I believe in making piano and keyboard lessons fun and engaging. I'm a regular performer at Ace Space and the Newbury Jazz Platform for their open mic nights with my band and on my own.

Some of my favourite artists and bands include Radiohead and Blur. Especially, my favourite version of Radiohead's 'Everything In It's Right Place' live in Berlin September 2016 (love the piano riff) and the best gig I ever went to where Blur played Girls and Boys at Hyde Park in 2009.

Qualifications & Experience

Bachelor's Degree with Honours in Music - Anglia Ruskin University, Cambridge
Winner of Technics Music Ensemble Award 2002
LAMDA Public Speaking Bronze, Silver & Gold Medals

My Students Say...

"Two thumbs up for Laura. I like having piano lessons. They're really fun and I learn lots" - Holly (age 6)

"Laura has been teaching my daughter for a few years now and she is excellent. Endless patience with a sense of humour is a great mix. My daughter always looks forward to her lessons and has progressed so well. Laura really brings out the best in her students." - Sarah Baiden

"My daughter is 13yo & she loves her lessons with Laura. Laura engages so well with kids & teens ensuring lessons are fun. She makes sure kids are well prepared before entering exams. A cool & great place to learn!" - Julie Fleming

Live Performances

Websites & Apps

I use for lots of interactive lessons and exercises. It's great for a recap from anything we may have covered in a lesson. I like the app Earpeggio for aural work, if I am not around a piano (like if I am on holiday) I just plug in my headphones and have a go as I want to keep my ears sharp. I also use iReal Pro for chord charts, exercises and backing tracks and I like using them for jam sessions or even when I am teaching something specific. It is a paid for app, but the best £13 you'll spend.

Recommended Books

Music books are available to order from Mail My Music.

what else can i play piano grade 1 book grade 1 piano solos chesters more grade 1 piano solos chesters pianos exam 2019-2020 grade 1 abrsm trinity rock pop 2018 keyboard initial rockschool piano 2019 grade 1 tunes for ten fingers 1st piano book hall more tunes for ten fingers 2nd piano book hall piano time 1 hall oxford piano method piano time 2 hall oxford piano method piano time 3 hall oxford piano method rockschool poopular music theory workbook debut AB guide to music theory part 1 gr 1-5 abrsm AB guide to music theory part 2 gr 6-8 abrsm dozen a day book 1 primary book willis music

Book Lessons

Piano and keyboard lessons are available from Tuesday to Saturday and you can choose either face-to-face or online lessons.

I teach children from the age of 6 years and above, as well as offering adult lessons.

If you have any questions about signing up for keyboard or pianos lessons, feel free to contact Hogan Music on 01635 496 57 or email who can help to answer any queries you might have.

Recommended Instruments & Accessories...

I own a Yamaha Clavinova CLP 545 digital piano and I love it because of its sound and the way it feels to play. You can use pretty much piano or keyboard (with a sustain pedal or foot switch you purchase separately) to get started as long as it has full-sized touch sensitive keys. There are some really good instruments out there, I highly recommend a Clavinova if you're after a digital piano. These are some of my favourite items out on the market today:

Yamaha PSR E363 Electronic Keyboard
Yamaha PSR E333 Electronic Keyboard
Casio PX S1000 Digital Stage Piano (red)
Universal Piano Sustain Pedal (for use with a keyboard or stage piano)