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Kevin Davey

Singing & Vocal Coach

Singing & Songwriting Lessons

Kevin trained at Webber Douglas Academy, London. Since graduating he has worked extensively in both theatre/film and video as a professional singer/performer and then as a director/producer. Kevin's long list of professional work, gives him an in-depth understanding of the entertainment industry and has enabled him to work comprehensively in most of the theatres across the UK. A wide range of productions have seen him performing in national tours, West End and repertory theatres. In addition to his vocal skills and knowledge, Kevin also composes and records his own material and plays both acoustic & electric guitar. In 2017, he formed his own theatre company 'Theatre Spark' whose strapline is 'unleash your creative spirit'! In addition to staging its own productions, as artistic director, Kevin offers a wide-range of learning programmes for all ages.

Kevin adopts both a highly professional and relaxed approach to his teaching style. He has as a welcoming attitude and is always accommodating of students different learning styles having taught across all ages. He greatly enjoys supporting the growth of passion, confidence and skill in a new student and enabling each individual to reach their own singing and creative potential!

Qualifications & Experience

Trained at Webber Douglas Academy
Experience in Theatre & Film
Professional Singer & Performer
Performed in National Tours, West End & Repertory Theatres
Artistic Director & Producer
Founder of Theatre Spark

Tutoring in Vocals

Kevin teaches vocal technique for beginners and intermediate of ALL ages.

Vocal lessons with Kevin includes:
- Key vocal techniques to create a clear understanding of how to use the voice & body together, safely as an 'instrument' when creating a vocal for a song
- Muscle, breathing and relaxation exercises
- Musical expression and performance including microphone technique
- Pitch and rhythm exercises
- Specific advice and coaching to 'each' chosen song
- Exercises/techniques to fully support a student's specific goal - i.e. projection/pitch/power/harmonies/tone/sustain etc.

Kevin is able to offer 1-1 vocal coaching at Hogan Music or via online tutoring.

He is also able to offer vocal coaching in the student's own school or college.


Kevin has a wide experience teaching beginners and children. He will help your son or daughter in the preparation of an agreed song that will enable them to improve and increase their vocal range. He believes singing should ultimately be fun and available to anyone at any age or skill level!

Tutoring in Songwriting

Kevin is able to coach and support students in songwriting skills:
- Rhythm and melody/lyric exercises
- Connection and understanding of the song's narrative/meaning
- Understanding of lyrics and melody in song structure
- Musical expression
- Guidance on creation of produced track/accompaniment (if student only wants to sing melody and lyrics, Kevin can accompany on guitar)


Kevin teaches a wide range of musical genres - and always welcomes a new challenge!

Taster Lesson

Kevin will firstly, ask for any specific goals or focus points the student would like to work towards in starting lessons? Who's influenced them most musically? What are their favourite singers/artists? Which band(s) or singers do they like? Are there any songs or genres they have always wanted to work on as a vocalist? Kevin feels it's essential every student feels excited in the anticipation of their next lesson - this makes for a much more rewarding learning environment!

In Kevin's 'taster' lesson you should expect:
- A relaxed and introductory chat that enables Kevin to have a clear understanding of student and the 'vocalist' they wish to become.
- This includes the agreed choice of material/artist to help them achieve that goal.
- It will also include fun & creative 'warm ups' to break the ice.
- Also, enjoyable breathing exercises and scales that are characteristic to the start of a typical singing lesson with Kevin.

Book Lessons

Singing and songwriting lessons are available as either face-to-face or online lessons.

Kevin teaches children and adults of all ages.

If you have any questions about signing up for vocal lessons, feel free to contact Hogan Music on 01635 496 57 or email who can help to answer any queries you might have.

Free Try-Out Sessions

Fancy having a go at vocal coaching and singing lessons? We offer free try-out sessions of 20-30 mins with our excellent tutors, so you can get a feel for what a full lesson would be like. You can also borrow an instrument from us if you don't have your own.

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