Brass Horns

Whether you are a keen French horn player, or a tenor horn player, we have a selection of excellent brass horns available. We choose to stock instruments that we believe will give musicians a great playing experience, catering for beginners all the way up to the pros.

French Horns

French horns were developed in the early 1800s and have been for a long time a crucial part of orchestral and concert bands. Not initially used in jazz, the French horn has however taken up some prominent positions in the history of that form of music too, most notably with there being a French hornist in the pioneering nine-piece cool jazz band led by Miles Davis.

Tenor Horns

Tenor horns were created in the 1840s by the Belgian instrument creator Adolphe Sax, whose other designs included, unsurprisingly, our old friend the saxophone. The way that the instrument has developed, it is now larger than the original as set out in Sax’s specifications. No matter the slight shifts in the form though, the tenor horn has found its home for many years in the British brass band. This is its main residence, while it takes brief forays into the world of concert bands.

Brass Horns From Hogan Music

For all your musical needs, whether you are a keen player of a wind instrument, a brass instrument, the guitar, piano, strings, or many other instruments, Hogan Music might well be heaven for you! Visit our Newbury music shop where you can see our excellent brass horns for students or professionals, and even explore some of our pre-owned brass horns too. Alternatively, take a look through our collections of instruments from the comfort of your own home and order online! Feel free to ask us any questions you might have about the brass horns available and we'll be happy to help.

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