Marshall DSL15 H Head

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The new DSL Series retains the classic Marshall valve tone (driven by EL34 and 6V6 valves) from amps like the JCM2000, but puts it into a series of modern amps that will suit nearly everybody's needs and, importantly, their budgets too. The DSL15H is a practically-sized head in the new DSL range.

The new DSL 15w head features a pentode/triode switch which takes power output down by 50% making the DSL15H much more versatile in terms of where and when you can use it. This 15w head can be driven hard at a reasonable volume so is ideal for using at home and for jams and rehearsals as well as small gigs.

The DSL15H is an all-valve, 15 Watt head that delivers great tone in a compact ‘small box’ design. Powered by two 6V6 power valves with four ECC83s in the preamp, the DSL15H might be small, but its guts are as serious as its big brother, the DSL100H.

With footswitchable Classic/Ultra Gain channels (footswitch supplied), Deep switch to boost lower-end chunk, and on the back panel a Pentode/Triode switch for maximum flexibility (15 Watt to 7.5 Watt), the DSL15H perfectly combines performance, versatility and value for money.


15 Watt Head

2 Channels (Classic Gain, Ultra Gain) With Independent Volume/Gain Controls

6V6 Valve Power Stage

Bass, Middle, Treble and Presence Controls

Tone Shift Button

Deep Switch Button

Pentode/Triode Switch

Footswitch Included (for channel change)

Speaker Output For 8 Or 16 Ohm Speaker Cabinets

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