Jim Dunlop MXR Eddie Van Halen Overdrive

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If you are a hard rock or metal guitar player you have probably thought about owning an EVH 5150 amp at some point. Its heavily saturated high gain tone matched up with its tight low end and fast attack made it one of the best amp choices for a lot of players across the globe.

MXR know that you don't want to get rid of your current amp though so they have worked closely with Eddie Van Halen and the team at EVH to recreate the amps tone in a single MOSFET pedal.

Amp Like Response

You have probably heard this a thousand times. While some pedals get somewhere near the sound of an amp the MXR 5150 really sounds like you have a 5150 on stage. The key is in the MOSFET transistor based circuit. While we could get really nerdy about this MOSFET transistors basically respond like valves.

This means the same high gain saturated tone that you have heard on countless records sits inside this little pedal.

Keeping It Tight

There is much more to this pedal than its amp like response though. With a 3 band EQ, Boost switch with added compression and a built in noise gate you can make your tone incredibly tight even when running through a small clean amp.

The noise gate is one of the biggest features with this pedal as it means you really can just rock up to a gig with this pedal and get a tight sound through any amp. Based on the MXR Smart Gate circuit you can even get a little bit djenty.

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