Hooligan Fuzz Pedal

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The J Rockett WTF Fuzz is one of the most powerful and crazy fuzz pedals you can buy today. But with all of its controls and large size it can be a pain to use live. Enter the smaller and simpler Hooligan fuzz that you can get set up within minutes without taking up all of your pedalboard space.

Simple Insanity

The J Rockett Hooligan is an extremely powerful little pedal even with its 3 control layout. From this you can go from a classic RAT type overdrive to all out fuzz insanity that really pushes your amp hard. Leve, Gain and Gunk are all you need to create generations of fuzz guitar tone.

Musical From Start To Finish

The Hooligan really does have a musical feel to it no matter how much Gunk you throw in the mix. While other fuzz pedals, when they introduce some of the more extreme layers will only please the more eccentric, experimental players this pedal stays usable even at max Gunk.

Here's what J Rockett say about the Hooligan Fuzz

The Hooligan is the Tour Series version of the WTF Fuzz but with some tonal tweaks and made to be simple in every way. We wanted this pedal to really inspire players, which can be hard to do with a fuzz pedal. The Hooligan blooms and feeds back, creating all sorts of textures. You can go from a very smooth, Rat type overdrive to the famous Trombetta horn sounds. We feel like we have dialed in the perfect warmth versus the typical, strident sound of a fuzz pedal. The Hooligan is very musical and fun to play!


Level - Controls the overall output

Gain - Controls the overall gain

Gunk - Goes from smooth to a complete musical mess with all sorts of horn sounds in between.