Hohner Marine Band Harmonica, G

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It all started around 120 years ago. In 1896, Hohner introduced the Marine Band harmonica, which remains popular among beginners and professionals to this day. From blues to rock, and from jazz to folk and soul; no matter the genre, the Marine Band Classic can do it all. The Marine Band Classic is played by many famous artists; this particular model in G can be heard in Bruce Springsteen's 'The River', for instance. Hohner harmonicas The world-famous German brand has been around for over 150 years, and in that century-and-a-half, they've gained a lot of experience in making diatonic harmonicas, tremolo harmonicas and chromatic harmonicas. The Marine Band Classic is the ultimate example of a successful Hohner diatonic harmonica. After almost 120 years, it's still being played and sold today. The remarkable thing, however, is that the Marine Bands that were produced in 1896 were virtually identical to the ones that leave the factory today, as the design has remained unchanged. Even the production process is largely the same, as this harmonica is still tuned and assembled by hand. There's a reason that Hohner is a brand that you can't ignore when you're looking for an excellent harmonica. Combine this with the Marine Band Classic's excellent legacy, and you're guaranteed a harmonica that will tug on your audience's heart strings and give them goosebumps time and time again. Materials The Hohner Marine Band Classic features a pearwood comb, which is treated to keep it from swelling up or shrinking after prolonged use. Pearwood is also used to craft the mouthpiece, which is lacquered to ensure it plays smoothly. Furthermore, the reed plate and 20 reeds are made of brass, which gives the instrument a warm, rich sound, while the covers are made of stainless steel.