Fender Jazzmaster Guitars

An excellent place to start exploring for a new instrument is right here with this range of superb Fender Jazzmaster guitars. Described as a 'jazz club classic with a rebellious side', the Fender Jazzmaster is an electric guitar that offers elegance and balance for all.

Dedication & Passion from Fender

Fender are without a doubt one of the most influential creators of guitars in the world, and this has come from years of dedication and passion for the instrument. This authenticity has always shone through and has meant, in turn, that they have often been trailblazers through the years.

From 60's to Today

Created in 1960, the stunning 'space age' shape and balanced offset body of the Fender Jazzmaster was the first thing to capture the imagination of many when this guitar hit the scene. Happily, it also sounded just as good as it looked, due to it's wide single coil pickups and floating tremolo bridge. From then on, the Fender Jazzmaster became a go to instrument for many of the greats.

It is a guitar that was just as important in the age of surf-rock as it has been more recently. With guitarists in bands such as Sonic Youth and Queens of the Stone Age opting for the Jazzmaster, it shows that these instruments offer power and bite along with elegance and balance.

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