Fender Jaguar Guitars

At Hogan Music, we choose all the very best quality electric guitars to have available so that you have a great choice when deciding to invest in a new instrument, and a great example of the fantastic choices that you will find here are these impressive Fender Jaguar guitars.

Fender Jaguar Since 1962

Fender have been masters of the craft of producing excellent guitars since 1946, and there is a good reason why they are one of the most well-known and well-loved brands in the business. As such, their history traces a line through many different genres, from country and western to jazz and many stops in between. A jewel amongst all their ranges is the Fender Jaguar that was launched in 1962. Vibrant and energetic in tone, and well suited to a fast style of playing, the Fender Jaguar range has been involved in much classic music over the years, from the Beach Boys to Johnny Marr.

What Makes it a Jaguar?

The Fender Jaguar has a short scale length of 24 inches which is ideal for those with smaller hands and suits the 'rapid fire style' of surf rock musicians. There are a variety of switching options with the Jaguar offering an elaborate circuitry and eight onboard controls. It is also allows players to change between rhythm and lead tones. Alongside these features, the Jaguar has two single coil pickups that provide an aggressive tone with less electrical interference.

This distinctive guitar, as stylish in appearance as it is rewarding in tone and feel, would no doubt be a highly fulfilling piece of kit to have on board for just about any guitarist who has an appreciation of the 60's heyday of creative exploration in rock music and beyond.

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