Fuzzrocious Cat King Dual Overdrive Distortion Latching Feedback

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This is the larger version of the Cat Tail, Fuzzrocious' high gain distortion, this circuit is based on a well-loved distortion which make a clean amp dirty and a dirty amp capable of some seriously heavy sounds. There's a diode toggle for extra tonal choice and this model features a latching feedback switch.

Fuzzrocious Pedals are made by the Ratajski family in Mt Laurel New Jersey, it's a family affair with the husband and wife doing the building and finishing and the kids occasionally doing hand painted pedals.

Model Specs:

• Controls


Makes the output of the circuit louder or quieter.


Moves from treble to bass when turned clockwise. There is a general high mids presence in most tone settings with little to no bass loss.


Moves from a little to no drive/distortion to high distortion when turned clockwise.


Fine tunes how the signal clips on the highs and lows. To start, roll them both back, then slowly roll them clockwise to find your personal taste in clipping of your signal.


Connects to the Diode pot to blend between 1n914 silicon diodes and LEDs. Toggle up means the diodes are active; down means no diodes are active (less compressed, more open sounding). DIODE – (see explanation in “DIODE TOGGLE” above)


Connects to the feedback footswitch to control the feeding back of the circuit’s signal into itself to let you makes lots of noise.