Evans Calftone 12" Drum Head

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The Evans ’56 Calftone 12 Inch Batter offers the fantastically rich and warm tones of natural calfskin but with high quality synthetic material.

Cutting Edge Synthetic Calfskin

Natural skin has been a stable in drum crafting due to the beautifully warm and rich tones it produces.

Now, with state-of-the-art machinery and cutting edge D'Addario Level 360 Technology the Evans Calftone drum heads give you that same, incredible tone but with extremely high and consistent quality - a requirement for modern drummers.

Made with Robots - Not Cows

Since time immemorial, drum skins have been made with natural skin.

Over the years, many drummers have favoured real skin for their drums thanks to its rich and warm tonal characteristics.

Manufactured in New York, Evans Calftone drum heads offer you the same look and beautiful sound you get with natural calfskin but with synthetic materials.

Precision crafted by modern machines, Evans Calftone tom batters have the are also completely consistent in quality and durable without compromising their sound.

What's more, making use of D'Addario's Level 360 Technology give you the widest tuning range possible, so you have a lot of options when looking for your perfect drum sound.

Great Tone, Consistent Performance

Made with a 12mil Mylar base and blended with unique materials, the Evans Calftone tom batter gives you warm, full, rich tones.

Buy the Evans Calftone 12 inch batter today and bring this fantastic tone, durability and consistency to your kit and enhance your drumming sound.

Evans ’56 Calftone Batter 12 Inch Key Features:

Synthetic Material

Same Warm, Rich Tone as Real Calfskin

Looks Just Like Real Calfskin

Consistent Quality


Level 360 Technology for Wide Tuning Range