DrumDots - 4 Piece Pack

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Reduce the over-ring without over muting the natural strike tone of your drum!

Can be used on any head on your drum kit, even vertical and upside down, giving you limitless versatility.

Are re-usable and re-newable. If they get dirty, rub with a drop of baby oil, then wash with soap and water. Good as NEW!

Won't fall off while your playing or leave a residue on your drum head.

Will never lose their shape, or melt, on stage or in the package.

Are crystal clear and look great on ANY drum kit.

Are designed to reduce the over-ring, NOT muffle the Tone.

Click on the Spectrograph and SEE the difference.


It takes 2 - "X" Gels to Nearly equal the ring time reduction of 1-drumdot, BUT in the process the "X" gel MUFFLES the Strike Tones, muting the Tone of the drum.

Strike Tone - The frequencies (tone) generated the moment the drum is struck.

Over-ring - The time the drum rings after the initial strike.

(AKA Over-Tones)