Daddario Ascente Violin String Set, 4/4 Medium Tension (Daddario)

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D'Addario Ascente Violin String Set, 4/4 Medium Tension Details

The D'Addario Ascente Violin String Set offers instant playability to the developed musician. The A, D and G strings feature synthetic gut cores that produce a warm sound with generous overtones. The E string's unwound steel core offers a more direct tone with high frequency clarity. The windings are specifically chosen for each string to provide a comfortable feel, whilst protecting the core from grit and dirt. The Ascente's medium gauge tension is ideal for musicians who want the versatility between an expressive response and loud projection. This string set is designed for 4/4 size violins and features ball tailpiece ends.

Ascente Series

The Ascente series of strings is ideal for musicians looking to develop their tonal range. The strings feature a carefully crafted synthetic core which has a stable tuning and consistent feel across the entire length. The synthetic cores’ tones are modelled around real gut strings, but with a more reliable usability. The Ascente strings’ stable reaction to heat and humidity changes makes them easy to use whilst gigging without having to constantly retune. This series’ fast break in time is suitable for musicians who want to pick up and play. The Ascente strings are ideal for developed musicians ready to take their performances on the road.



A String: Aluminium Wound

D String: Monel Wound

G String: Monel Wound

E String: Unwound


A String: 12.3 KG

D String: 10 KG

G String: 10 KG

E String: 16.8 KG


A String: Synthetic Core

D String: Synthetic Core

G String: Synthetic Core

E String: Tinned Steel

End Type

A String: Ball

D String: Ball

G String: Ball

E String: Ball