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Our oboe collection is home to some beautiful instruments. The clear and penetrating voice of an oboe is quite unlike anything else in the woodwind family. So striking is the clarity of this woodwind instrument of a higher pitch that in the 18th century it was known as the hautbois (in French, 'haut' meaning high and 'bois' meaning wood). Often known as a difficult instrument, it is undoubtedly capable of achieving captivating sounds which are well worth exploring for the joy they can spread. With oboes from Yamaha and Odyssey, some excellent names in the industry, you will be very likely to find the right instrument for you.

Versatility of The Oboe

The sound of the oboe can be used in many ways. It is a striking sound which has a fresh clarity, but it can also be made rasping and reedy. At turns biting and robust, the oboe sings a unique and ever shifting song. In classical music, iconic composers from Mozart to Johann Christian Bach and Beethoven have used the instrument to their great advantage in concertos.

Student Oboes

If you are an oboe student, then you will be amazed at the quality of the oboes available. These are not professional level oboes, but you would think they were given the astoundingly rich and colourful sound. The oboe's tone in these student oboes is near that of a professional level instrument, so that any student will be able to experience the true tone that these instruments are able to create. To help a student oboist along with their improvement, these oboes give you precise intonation. This opens up the ability for the oboe student to explore the tone and find their own playing style and sound.

Perfect For Learning

The oboes we have for students are not only helpfully put together in terms of their intonation, but also in terms of their simplified Conservatoire system. Having said that, these will not make it easy, but easy is not part of the oboe. Instead, it is about learning the idiosyncrasies, exploring the tone, and finding your path with this most magnificent of instruments.

Odyssey Premiere Junior Oboe W/case Odyssey Premiere Junior Oboe W/case
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The Oboe is a difficult instrument, but worth it! Unlike with other wind instruments, there tends to be an excess of breath. Therefore, there is no handicap for people of a smaller stature. The structure of the keys is also more compact than that of the clarinet or the flute, and players do not need to press on the holes with their fingers directly, so there is no problem for people with small han…
Yamaha YOB-241B-30 Oboe with thumb plate and low Bb Yamaha YOB-241B-30 Oboe with thumb plate and low Bb
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The Most Professional Student Oboe Ever Made! This economical ABS resin body oboe features a simplified Conservatoire system, making it is easier to play for beginners. The precise intonation allows students to focus more on developing their own musical sound and style. But there is nothing 'student-like' about the rich and colourful sound. The 241B features a characteristically warm oboe tone whi…

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