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Gretsch have been making musical instruments for over 135 years. In that time, they have been the source of many pioneering developments in the history of the guitar. The "Gretsch sound" is now well established as one of the cornerstones of jazz, country and rock, from the roots to the modern day. This is reflected in the amount of artists which opt for their guitars, with the list of their musicians including such legends as Chet Atkins, Bo Diddly and George Harrison. We are pleased to bring together a variety of Gretsch electric guitars from many of their most exciting collections for you to explore.

Gretsch Electric Guitars

There are some stunning guitars to choose from. Take the Gretsch Streamliner range, for example. Gretsch electric guitars from the Streamliner collection sit at an affordable price point, but go above and beyond in the versatility that they provide. You will be able to enjoy the classic Gretsch stylings from those iconic eras of the 40s, 50s and 60s, whilst also benefit from cutting edge playability.

We would also recommend the Gretsch Electromatic collection. If you are looking for powerful performance, then this is the style of Gretsch guitar for you. The Electromatic range has been rocking since 1939, and it's just as effective as ever in giving you the performance edge on stage.

And don't worry left handed players, you are not going to be left out of the fun! At Hogan Music, we always make sure to have left handed Gretsch guitars in stock.

Different Guitar Builds

When you are exploring these collections, you will notice that there are a number of different "builds" available. If you have not experienced Gretsch electric guitars before, then we will give you a quick rundown of what these builds refer to.

Hollow Body: The hollow body guitars from Gretsch are the ones that offer that classic "big-body sound" which many now associate with Gretsch. If you are after a deep, full sound with a generous level of resonance, then the hollow body electric guitars will be right up your street. Whilst giving you a broad, deep and resonant fullness of sound, Gretsch have made these guitars so that they do not lose that feeling of nuance and precision.

Centre Block: In Gretsch's centre block builds, a wooden block runs down the centre of the guitar body. This helps to provide great articulation and punch in your playing. At the same time, the "wings" of the guitar are left to have open air cavities. These cavities allow for a good resonance and depth of tone. In this way, a harmony is achieved between breadth of sound and punchy articulation.

Solid Body: Gretsch's solid body guitars give you a balance of power and control. Gretsch's solid body guitars will generally also offer something called "body chambering" which Gretsch have developed so as to add resonance to your sound. This increased resonance will enhance the punch as well as the all-round fullness of your sound, whilst not doing any damage to the characteristic Gretsch precision and edge.

Bigsby Vibrato Arms

Plus, it should be noted that many of the Gretsch electric guitars in our collection come with a Bigsby vibrato device. Bigsby, named after Paul A. Bigsby, are equally as iconic as Gretsch: they created the first successful tremolo arm ever, and have been world-leaders since. These stylish additions will allow you to bend the pitch of your notes with your pick hand, or even bend whole chords.

Gretsch G5232T Electromatic Double Jet FT, Tahiti Red Gretsch G5232T Electromatic Double Jet FT, Tahiti Red
Pure Jet™ Power The all-new G5232T Electromatic® Double Jet FT with Bigsby® captures essential Jet power and fidelity at a great price. Chambered Mahogany Bodies — Loud and Clear Classic Jet tone begins with a chambered mahogany body with arched maple top that produces full lows and mids with a well-defined, yet smooth high end. The result is a strong and balanced acoustic foundation fit for a var…

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