Yamaha Saxophones

If you a looking for saxophones that will be reliably high quality in playability, durability and richness of sound, then you will want to consider Yamaha saxophones, as they tend to offer the ideal package. At Hogan Music we only keep in stock instruments that we think will provide you with an enjoyable and rewarding playing experience, and that is exactly what you will get with Yamaha saxophones.

Yamaha - A Life in Music

There is a good reason why Yamaha are one of the best-known musical instrument names out there, and this is because they have a long and deep history of raising the bar when it comes to all kinds of musical developments. From the acoustic instrument world, to the world of electronic music production, and everything in between, Yamaha live and breathe music, and that passion and expertise comes through in each saxophone that they create.

Yamaha Sax - Exciting & Dynamic Performing Experience

From their first Yamaha alto saxophones such as the YAS-62/YSS-62 back in 1978, right up to the present day with models such as the YAS-280, Yamaha’s saxophones have always been made to give the player complete control and to provide them with an exciting and dynamic performing experience. It is a marker of how much they care about musicians of every kind that Yamaha have always been able to create saxophones that give the student player everything that they need, as well as being able to design saxophones for the advanced player.

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