Yamaha Piano & Keyboard Accessories

We have a wide collection of Yamaha keyboard accessories and piano accessories here at Hogan Music. These are all built with the kind of exacting standards that you would expect from one of the global music equipment brands. Yamaha take the development of their accessories just as seriously as they do their instruments, and this shows in their reliability and high performance. These are those little extras that are going to make life so much easier, whether you are practicing at home or performing on the road. Take a look through the collection, and you will see that we have everything from Yamaha piano benches to power adapters.

Yamaha Piano Benches

The piano bench is there to be your sturdy and comfortable support whilst you play. A good bench makes long performances and hours of practice so much more enjoyable. It may seem like something which is easy to ignore, but it really does make such a difference when you know that you are not going to be cramping and feeling uncomfortable after a longer session. This in turn makes it easier to concentrate as you play. Pick up a stylish and elegant bench today that is comfortable, sturdy, and easy to assemble on arrival.

Yamaha Foot Pedals

It is important that you pick up a good quality foot pedal, as this is going to allow you to control the level of sustain on each note. This means that you can play in the same way as you would an acoustic piano, altering the dynamics as you move through the piece in question. Plus, foot pedals can be used in many different ways as a MIDI controller depending on your model, so that they can be a secret weapon which becomes extremely effective especially when you are performing live.

Yamaha Power Adapters

Power adapters are also key bits of kit for any keyboard user. It is also always handy to have at least one spare just in case one goes missing in transit. You are able to purchase Yamaha power adapters here which are versatile enough that you won't need to buy separate ones for a number of different keyboards.

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