Yamaha PA Speakers, Amps & Mixers

Yamaha are always reliable when it comes to giving you crisp, rich and detailed sound quality. Whether you are recording or playing live, it is crucial that you are able to have clean and clear access to precisely the sounds you are playing. Yamaha have a company history that goes back all the way to 1887; their heritage in pro audio equipment alone goes back over half a century. Using this expertise, they are able to give you innovative, high performing and reliable PA speakers, amps and mixers to help you express your musical creativity.

Yamaha PA Speakers

Yamaha have been at the forefront of professional audio technology since the 1960s. It is a marker of their excellence in this field that they do not just use state of the art technologies in their PA systems but they invent them. Features such as the Neodymium HF compression driver mean that voices can be reproduced with utmost clarity, precision and musicality. The world beating high definition of the sound, as well as the top level sound pressure, means that these PAs will give you nuance and power in one. Not only that, but Yamaha have worked hard to ensure that their PA systems are not difficult to lug around thanks to their surprisingly compact designs.

Yamaha Mixers

The Yamaha mixers which we have in our collection will be key if you are going to want to record with clear sound. Whether it is for singing, podcasting, or anything in between, a high quality mixer is going to allow you achieve things which would otherwise be impossible in a home setup. Their 3 channel and 6 channel mixers are affordable, easy to use, and bring with them a surprising amount of processing power. Use the compressor, EQ and amp functions, as well as additional effects, to get the sound just right.

Yamaha Professional Audio Amps

For superior sounds quality, response and power, Yamaha PA amps offer exclusive technology and deliver on performance. Yamaha have an excellent range of PA amplifiers, including stereo, mulit-channel and high-impedance models, so it is worth returning here to check up on which Yamaha offerings we have in stock.

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