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We are always excited by what Yamaha has to offer when it comes to musical instruments and they are right up there at the top of the list of innovators in digital instruments. This means that it is worth taking a look at what kinds of Yamaha keyboards we have to offer in our collection. You may have your eye on a particular model, or you may just be browsing to see what Yamaha are up to at the moment! Either way, we are sure that pianists, performers and musicians of absolutely every level will have something to enjoy in this diverse range.

Yamaha Portable Keyboards - For a Range of Budgets and Abilities

We have Yamaha keyboards in stock from various ranges. If you have never before touched a keyboard, then you will find that Yamaha design theirs in an easy to understand way. As such, their keyboards tend to be excellent if you are looking to learn the piano. The portable keyboards have been specifically designed to not take up too much space, and to be nice and lightweight. As well as being easy to move about the home, or to take with you on the move, they also have a surprisingly vast arsenal of sounds. With this huge array of different sounds and voices, learning the keyboard will have never been so fun. Even the little ones can start with a Yamaha PSS keyboard that has been designed for smaller hands.

As well as being great for those playing for the first time, the Yamaha range has some excellent keyboard solutions for the more advanced musician. Full of lots of high quality sounds, advanced features and functions, Yamaha's keyboards are a reliable option.

Yamaha Digital Stage Piano - Designed for Gigging Keyboardists

This does not mean that Yamaha do not also offer more advanced options for the more experienced musician. Their digital stage pianos, for example, are excellent assets to anyone who performs live. With lots of high quality sounds, from electric pianos to organs to grand pianos and beyond, Yamaha's digital stage pianos are always able to deliver the goods. Packing a huge sonic punch, with synthesizer and acoustic style sounds, these digital pianos are nevertheless relatively lightweight and therefore easy to transport.

And Keytars Too!

Yamaha's range of digital keyboard options also extends to keytars. The keytars are also lots of fun, and would add another dimension to playing live. With a Yamaha keytar, you can learn how to jam along to your favourite songs with limited musical experience. Yamaha's keytars are built for you to be able to maximise your enjoyment and make some sweet sounds at the same time!

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