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Picking up the right amp for you is a important thing and will be much to do with the size of the amp. If you are playing live, then you will need it to be larger. However, if you want a smaller amp to use at home, in the practice room, or when you are on the move, then the Yamaha THR guitar amps will be a treat for you. They have been specially designed so that they will be there to facilitate a spark of creativity backstage before a gig, in your hotel room, or simply at home during a chilled evening.

Yamaha THR Amps - For Off-Stage Playing

Yamaha THR amps were created with off-stage guitar playing in mind. Every guitarist agonises over the perfect amp sound when they are playing live in front of an audience, but Yamaha say that this level of creativity and detail should also translate to off-stage guitar playing. Yamaha have achieved this with the help of their Virtual Circuitry Technology. This technology allows these amps to provide authentic tube amp sound, whilst also offering highly realistic effects, as well as hi-fi quality stereo playback.

Highly Versatile Portable Amps

These Yamaha guitar amps will each offer you multiple amps in one package for electric guitar and bass, mic models for acoustic-electrics, as well as flat voicings for anything else you might like to try out. In the THR range, you have a compact little box which will set you up for any genre. The mobile editor app also allows you to sculpt your ideal tone.

Beautifully Crafted

Not only are Yamaha's guitar amps world class when it comes to sound, but they are also beautiful to look at. This is certainly the case with their THR range, with each one showing off a sleek and irresistibly stylish vintage aesthetic. Because these are portable home amps, their aesthetic is a great advantage, as it means that they will fit well into any modern contemporary interior. More important than this perhaps is their lightweight wireless construction, so that you can easily go from room to room, as well as taking it with you on trips so that you can get creative anywhere you are.

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