Yamaha Flutes

Here at Hogan Music, we have an excellent selection of orchestral instruments, such as these Yamaha flutes. If you are looking for a flute because you are picking up the instrument for the very first time, or indeed if you already play and you are looking for a reliable and top-quality replacement flute, then you can be sure that, with Yamaha, you are in a safe pair of hands.

Reliability & Excellence

Yamaha always strive to achieve greatness when it comes to every new instrument that they design and craft, and this has been the case for their long and illustrious history. Going for a Yamaha instrument now, after they have been in the business of building high-level instruments for so long, means that you are choosing a brand that can be relied upon to deliver the goods!

Precision & Elegance

Yamaha flutes are developed with a great combination of cutting-edge craft and technology, so that they both look and feel great. If you are a beginner, or even the advanced player, then you will benefit from the ergonomic designs that have been created with painstaking care so that you can have a comfortable, natural-feeling performance.

Yamaha Student Flutes

The Yamaha student flutes have specially designed features to make it easy for beginners to learn to play. This includes carefully designed lip plates to aid proper breathing utilisation and keys shaped and sized to provide excellent balance. Not only do the features help those starting out with playing the flute, but the Yamaha student flutes are also beautifully designed and blend craftsmanship and technology into one fine instrument. The various student and intermediate flutes series' 200 / 300 / 400 have slightly different specifications and one of those is the material combinations used in the flute construction. The 200 series has a mainly nickle silver body, the 300 series is a mix of nickle silver and stirling silver, and the 400 series is mainly stirling silver.

If you are looking for any help or advice on choosing your next flute instrument or have any questions about our products then feel free to contact us or pop into our Newbury music shop and we be happy to help.

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