Yamaha P-Series Pianos

Yamaha are quite rightly regarded as one of the most pioneering producers of electronic instruments in the world. Innovators in the field, they are always seeking to provide new solutions for the needs of every musician out there. It doesn't matter if you are an absolute beginner or a professional: Yamaha will have an instrument for you! Right here, we have an excellent array of Yamaha P-Series digital pianos. These pianos will bring you high quality sound and natural acoustic-style touch, all in a compact. portable and affordable digital piano.

P-Series - Best of Both Worlds

It is perhaps because Yamaha are such masters of crafting acoustic pianos that there digital pianos are so good. Using all their knowledge as to what it takes for an acoustic piano to sound and feel as it does, they are able to apply this to the construction of their digital pianos. In this way, their Graded Hammer Standard gives their P-Series digital pianos that premium acoustic piano feel. On top of that, some of their P-Series digital pianos also feature Yamaha's superb Pure CF Sound Engine. This has painstakingly recorded the best of their acoustic pianos, so that they can be richly reproduced in digital form.

Portable, User-Friendly & Versatile

One of the great things about all the Yamaha P-Series digital pianos is that they have been designed in a particularly user-friendly way. With an intuitive, minimalist design, you will easily be able to navigate your way through all that this digital piano offers. In some of the digital pianos in this range, for example, you can connect your digital piano to the Smart Pianist app, which will allow you to choose different voices and rhythms to play along with.

High Quality Sound

At Hogan Music, you can also purchase a Yamaha P-Series bundle. This means that you will be able to buy not only the Yamaha P Series piano, but also headphones, a bench and a stand. This will be all you need to get going with your new instrument! It should be noted that, as well as being headphone ready, these digital pianos also feature high quality on board speaker systems, so that you can also turn things up when the neighbours are not in!

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