Yamaha Classical Guitars

Classical guitars give you a playing experience like no other, with their richness, warmth, colour and precision of adding up to offer a stunningly rewarding sound in a compact package. Getting a good quality classical guitar makes a difference, and we like to bring together plenty of options for you to choose from in our collections so that you can get the hands on the right one for you. Right here, we have an excellent selection of classical Yamaha guitars.

Yamaha For Great Value and Sound

Highly affordable, and of an excellent quality too, these Yamaha classical guitars are going to be ideal for those who are after a very fine instrument but on a budget. They would also be perfect for beginners and intermediates who are learning their craft. The C40 in particular would be a great starter instrument for someone to learn the classical guitar with. It is ideal for finger picking and strumming, and offers a textured and warm sound image that will surprise you for its relatively low cost!

Rich Resonance and Durable Design

We also have Yamaha classical guitars such as the CG142C available. These wonderful instruments offering rich resonance, excellent response, and a high level of playability thanks to their design, which is as beautiful as the sound of these classical guitars. If you are looking for a classical guitar that offers a mature sound and has a durable design quality, all for great value, then we would highly recommend checking out the wonderful Yamaha CG142C.

Response, Playability and Warmth

This is not to forget other excellent models of classical Yamaha guitars, some that have been made by redesigning the guitars in their CG range with elements such as a new bracing patter. This allows for a richer resonance, also heightening the level of response. They have also added into the design a strong 3-ply laminate neck. This is a great advantage to the overall playability of the instrument as it means that you will be benefiting from a lower string height. With a balanced sound with is delicate and rich, these classical guitars such as the CG162C from Yamaha are yet another one of their designs which is just about the best value out there.

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