Yamaha Clarinets

Here at Hogan Music, we choose robust, long-lasting and well-built instruments to have in stock, and this is just the case with Yamaha clarinets. Made by a a team of experts who, in working at Yamaha, are part of a long and esteemed line of talented creators of musical instruments, you can be sure that these clarinets will give you a rewarding playing experience whether you are a student, intermediate or professional.

A Respected Brand

Yamaha have a long and rich history of crafting some of the most iconic instruments of both the digital and acoustic world when it comes to music. This is why they are now one of the leading names in the game. Choosing Yamaha is therefore a sound move, as you can rely upon them to be able to produce an instrument that will give you everything you need to thrive.

Light Yet Powerful

Yamaha clarinets are not only robust and long-lasting, but also conveniently light, comfortable to play and have ergonomic features which allows you to easily take full control. Also, this means that, if you need to take your instrument with you when you leave the house, whether for practice or for performance, you will not be struggling with its weight.

Exquisite Look & Sound

Yamaha put lots of time and effort into ensuring that the sound you will be able to create with their clarinets is pure and clean. And they look just as good as they sound! With lovely matte finishes, their clarinets are rather special from the inside to the outside.

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