Trevor James

You can feast your eyes on many an award winning flute and saxophone in our collection of Trevor James instruments. Respected all over the world by everyone from students to teachers to professional musicians, Trevor James have over the last few decades earned a stellar reputation. Trevor James all started off in 1979 as a repairing and servicing setup for professional musicians in London. Fast forward to today, and Trevor James are distributing their well loved instruments to some 59 countries across the globe.

Trevor James Flutes

It is for good reason that Trevor James flutes and saxophones are multi-award winning. Their team knows how good it feels for a keen musician of any level to find the perfect instrument that feels just right. All their flutes leave their UK workshops having been crafted with that feeling in mind. Why are their flutes so wonderful in feel and sound? It is perhaps down to the fact that Trevor James have an entire research and development department, as well as their technical workshop, that is made up of musicians and highly experienced specialist repairers - in other words, exactly the people who know what can go wrong and what can go right with an instrument!

Trevor James Saxophones

Trevor James saxophones started to hit the market in the 1990s, and they soon gained a great reputation. These are instruments that have been made so that the player can open up new colours, textures and sounds. Their innovative designs ensure that everyone from the younger and smaller player to the seasoned professional can enjoy an instrument that helps make life sound a lot more beautiful.

Excellent Sound & Stunning Finishes

We always have a vast collection of Trevor James instruments in stock, so make sure to browse our range if you are looking for a warm, dynamic and powerful flute or saxophone. You will find tenor and alto saxophones, as well as flutes, clarinets and piccolos. The great thing about Trevor James instruments is that they not only sound divine, but also look like artworks in themselves. The finishes - such as frosted gold, black and gold, and frosted black - are fittingly attractive for such instruments of extreme depth and splendour of tone.

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