Tanglewood guitars are always focused on giving guitarists fantastically playable instruments that offer great value for money. Always blending the best of traditional and innovative craft processes, they have been able to build up a portfolio of instruments which more than achieves this goal. Recognised not only by the excellent sound that their instruments can produce, but also their beautiful finishes, Tanglewood always are able to offer guitars that will impress on many levels.

Acoustic Guitars

Over the years, Tanglewood have become a highly trusted, and well regarded, name when it comes to the creation of superb acoustic guitars. For all round acoustic guitars which are going to deliver high quality sound, and all at a surprisingly affordable price, you cannot go wrong with Tanglewood. Whether you are looking to pick up the guitar for the first time, or you are looking for an acoustic to take with you when you perform, there will be an excellent Tanglewood acoustic guitar for you here.

Bass Guitars

There is also a lot to be said for the high level of quality to be found in Tanglewood's bass guitar range. Producing that rich, deep sound that will be the driving force behind any band, these bass guitars would undoubtedly be the heartbeat of many a jam. With their bass guitars, as with all the other guitars in our Tanglewood collection, it is evident that they have a respect and passion for the art of guitar craft. This comes through in the awesome colour and detail of the sound that these instruments produce, as well as in the way that they are sturdy and reliably long lasting.


From those lower frequencies to the higher frequencies, Tanglewood also are well known for their ukuleles. The ukulele is a gorgeous instrument. It can come into use for those who are looking to graduate to acoustic or electric guitars. Then again, it can also offer its own unique sonic pleasures. Tanglewood are proud of their great array of ukuleles - and for good reason. Take a look through our Tanglewood ukulele collection and you will be sure to find one that jumps out and grabs your attention.


It is not all about the guitars, however, as Tanglewood also focus on creating high quality accessories too. This is a mark of the fact that they are all about the needs of the guitarist - and accessories are often what is required to get the most out of your guitar. Whether you are looking to replace something that is no longer effective, or just having a browse for something new and useful, our guitar accessories from Tanglewood may well be of interest!

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