Tanglewood Acoustic Guitars

We are happy to be able to present this selection of Tanglewood acoustic guitars. Tanglewood are a fantastic brand who are able to offer high quality instruments with some wonderfully affordable prices. These guitars have finishes as beautiful as their sound, and they always are superbly playable. Perfect for younger players and more experienced guitarists alike, Tanglewood offer you acoustic excellence and great value for a range of skill levels.

High Quality Acoustic Guitars

Tanglewood are always focused on ensuring that their level of craftsmanship produces quality instruments that sound great. Tanglewood are reliable people to turn to when you are looking for an affordable all rounder acoustic guitar. Striking that ideal balance between comfort and playability, these acoustics will offer you a dense, warm and rich sound. They have been made to last, so that you will get good performance from them time and again. With a range of sizes, styles and finishes available, you should be able to pick up the perfect one for your requirements.

Tanglewood Acoustic Ranges to Suit All

The ranges feature excellent Tanglewood acoustic guitars such as the ideal entry level Discovery Exotic, the great value Winterleaf guitars for the modern player to the exquisite Java range with decorative wood backs inspired by Italian marquetry techniques. If you are a fan of history, then Tanglewood also create carefully designed acoustic guitars that draw on different eras such as the 1930's style Crossroads with a whiskey barrel finish and the 1940's/50's style Blackbird range with attractive charocal staining.

Travel Acoustic

Tanglewood are all about innovating so that as many people as possible can have a high quality acoustic guitar. Sometimes it is not just price that is an issue but convenience. With their travel acoustic guitars, this will now no longer be a problem. Providing you with a lovely sound, but also presented in a more compact acoustic guitar design, these fantastic instruments will be a great advantage to anyone who is travelling around and wants to play whilst on the move. These smaller acoustic guitars would be a fun, inspiring and exciting addition to anyone's guitar collection.

Electro Acoustic Guitars

There are also some exciting electro acoustic options available in this collection. These give you all the subtle and colourful joys of an acoustic instrument, but you will also be able to plug in and play to raise things up a notch. This feature is ideal if you have live performances on the horizon, whilst it also means you can revert to the original acoustic mode when you are playing and practicing at home or in more intimate live environments.

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