There is a wide range of exciting Sennheiser headphones, microphones and accessories in our collection for you to check out. If you are recording music, taking online lessons, or any audio for that matter from a home studio setup, then these will be key pieces of kit. Helping you get the most out of your sound, the microphones and headphones allow you to capture and listen to the highest of resolution audio. Whether you are a musician, producer, DJ, sound engineer, film maker, teacher, or student, you will certainly benefit from the superior sound quality that Sennheiser equipment allows you to access.

Sennheiser Pro Audio

For over 75 years, Sennheiser has been in the pursuit of audio excellence. One of the world's most well respected creators of microphones, headphones, and other audio transmission equipment, Sennheiser are audio enthusiasts who are always pushing themselves. As technology evolves, Sennheiser continue to seek to refine and redefine immersive audio capabilities. Among their achievements, Sennheiser have been pioneers in dynamic microphones; produced the world's first open back headphone; and the first ever studio condenser microphone which covers the full digital frequency range in one transducer system.

Sennheiser Microphones

You will love Sennheiser's range of dynamic microphones. They are an industry leader for good reason. Take a look at the mic set if you wish to record speech or vocals in groups. There are also plenty of individual mics available. Some are great for live performances, and can be set up easily as an all in one package. Others, such as the diaphragm microphone is made for pro quality studio recording. You can also purchase Sennheiser mics for guitar cabinets, as well as goose neck mics which are built for recording woodwind, brass, or any instrument where it works best to have the mic tucked close in to the player.

Sennheiser Headphones

Sennheiser have some excellent pro monitor headphones, both over the ear and in-ear. These allow you to monitor a detailed sound in its full depth, reproducing the frequencies as they are in the mix without adding any colour. These powerful, high resolution monitoring headphones also block out ambient noise, so you can listen with clarity. Sennheiser's headphones are great for musicians, DJs, tutors, students or just lovers of music. They are made for repeated use over long periods of time, robust as they are in their design. You will be able to pick up on the nuances and the dynamics of the sounds, whether you are playing your own instrument or listening to some of your favourite tunes.

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