Odyssey musical instruments are all designed without compromise by Peter Pollard, a man who has over 40 years experience working directly with orchestras, musicians and bands. Peter is exceptionally well placed to craft instruments that will perform well consistently, as he has a background both as a professional musician and a builder and repairer of instruments. Odyssey comes out of this dual expertise. Across Odyssey's range of hand crafted instruments the needs of musicians of all levels will surely be met. Peter Pollard has said that any beginner coming to an Odyssey instrument for the first time will be able to enjoy its free blowing ease. Those who are more advanced will be able to purchase Odyssey instruments that are designed to 'wow' with their top end craft.

Premium Odyssey Music Instruments

Peter Pollard is a member of The Guild of Master Craftsmen, and he even writes and examines instrument repair courses in the UK and in Europe. This level of knowledge about the building blocks of the musical instrument is expressed beautifully in the sound and the performance of Odyssey brasswind instruments. There are three ranges: Debut, Premiere and Symphonique. The Premiere and Symphonique ranges are for the more experienced players, but there are no shortcuts in the quality of the instruments in the Debut range. These are all intended to be affordable instruments that will offer exceptional playability and advanced design.

Odyssey Brass Instruments

Peter Pollard's Odyssey brass range stretches right across the brass instrument family. This will be good news to those looking for trumpets, cornets, trombones, and several other brasswind instruments. Beginners and those looking for a good quality affordable brass instrument will find plenty to get excited about in the Debut range. For more experienced musicians, Odyssey's Premiere and Symphonique brass instruments have been recognised by professionals as among the top in their class.

Odyssey Woodwind Instruments

There are also lots of Odyssey woodwind instruments to explore. In terms of saxophones, Odyssey have straight soprano saxophones and tenor saxophones, as well as alto saxophones. Clarinets of supreme quality are also available, as well as bass clarinets. There is a similar variety in flutes, as you will be able to pick up curved head flutes or C flutes, with bass flutes as well as standard flutes available.

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